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Introducing Our Plastic Storage Bins

At Reflex Equip, our plastic bins are suitable for holding industrial goods and products in a variety of storage and transport applications. As they are reusable, they can provide you with convenient and secure goods containment many times over. Furthermore, many of our plastic storage bins have space-saving configurations, or are food gradable, meaning they can be used to safely store food. At Reflex Equip, our industrial plastic bins provide your employees with a secure and efficient way to hold and handle goods in the workplace.

Our Range of Industrial Plastic Bins

Plastic storage tubs have a plethora of storage and transportation applications and can be used in a number of industries. Many of these include use in warehouses, storerooms, hospitals, schools, offices and laboratories, among others. Moreover, our food gradable plastic bins can be used in cool rooms, refrigerators and freezers, making them perfect for industries such as food processing, meat trades, poultry processing and fishing.

At Reflex Equip, our plastic crates and bins have varying load capacities, dimensions and applications depending on their design. It is recommended that you choose a plastic bin that is suited to your workplace's conditions and your intended application.

Plastic Stacking and Nesting Bins and Vented Plastic Crates

In order to save space, many of our plastic storage bins can be stacked and/or nested into one another. For example, our 32 Litre Stack & Nest Bin - 645mm x 413mm x 210mm - Green can be both stacked and nested, and has a 32 litre capacity. It additionally is high quality UV resistant and is manufactured with food grade material, enabling you to use it for food-related applications. Furthermore, plastic storage containers like our Series 2000 52 Litre Vented Stack & Nest Bin - 578mm x 384mm x 318mm - White have ventilated sides that provide airflow to the contents, allowing them to cool faster. This plastic stack and nest bin can also stack up to 10 bins high and is nestable when empty.

Large Rectangular Plastic Bins

Rectangular plastic containers like our Rectangular 130 Litre Rotomould Bin - 680mm x 440mm x 500mm - Blue have heavy duty rotomoulded constructions that make them ideal for use in food, healthcare, textile, pharmaceutical, laundry and manufacturing industries. With an operating temperature between -10 and 60 degrees Celsius, this large plastic rectangular container can be used for numerous applications. It is also easy to clean, high-impact absorbing and resistant to most chemicals.

Round Plastic Bins

At Reflex Equip, our circular plastic bins are suitable for a broad range of applications. For example, plastic buckets like our THOR 121L Utility Container - 560D x 700mm - Blue have an all-plastic construction that will not rust, dent, chip or peel. They are equipped with ergonomic handles, 30mm bottom hand grips, four trash liner grooves, reinforced rims and four vent channels that provide comfortable and convenient operation and allow for 50% less worker exertion when lifting a filled trash liner compared with a traditional container.

Furthermore, many of our round plastic bins can be used with various attachments and equipment to enhance workplace productivity. An example of this is our Round Dolly - Suits THOR 75 Litre - 121 Litre - 208 Litre Round Bins which has a unique twist on-twist off feature to suit THOR Round Bins. With an all-plastic construction and five 75mm castor wheels with swivel capabilities, this plastic bin dolly offers a useful way of mobilising plastic storage buckets.

MegaBins and Pallet Bins

Designed to store and transport rural produce, including fruit and vegetables like grapes and olives, our industrial MegaBins allow workers much convenience and security when working in industrial environments. Bulk bins like our 755 Litre Vented MegaBin - 1165mm x 1165mm x 780mm are up to 40% lighter in weight than timber bins, enabling freight efficiencies of 4-5%. In practice, this means you are able to transport two to three extra bins of fruit per semi-trailer load. This bulk bin also has rounded corners, smooth non-porous surfaces, multiple vents in its sides and base and a positive interlocking foot design permitting fast and safe stacking.

Moreover, pallet bins like our 1000 Litre Natural Pallet Bin with Lid - 1165mm x 1165mm x 1100mm is made with food grade polyethylene, making it perfect for pet food, fruit, vegetables, nuts and general material handling. Additionally, it can be moved with a forklift or pallet truck for accessible storage.

Plastic Pails and Plastic Cans

Our assortment of plastic pails and plastic cans are ideal for water-based paints, adhesives, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food products. For example, our Vican Round Plastic Pail - 0.5 Litre - White has an aesthetically pleasing modern design that will not dent or rust, providing an excellent alternative to metal paint cans. As it is manufactured under HACCP and has lid security, this plastic pail offers safe storage of varied materials. Moreover, our Spacesaver 10L Square Plastic Pail (Lid Not Included) has a square composition that palletises 5x5 per layer (25 units) compared to 4x4 per layer (16 units) with most conventional round pails. Available with a plain or Flip Lok hinged lid (purchased separately) for easy access and the ability to re-seal, this plastic pail is suitable for all kinds of applications, both hot and cold.

Additional Plastic Bin

Apart from the plastic storage containers mentioned above, we also have plastic security bins, square plastic bins, plastic trays, plastic buckets, plastic storage tanks, and plastic drums and jerry cans available for you to choose from.

About Reflex Equip

Our plastic storage crates and plastic tubs are ideal for all types of goods storage and transportation applications. With our wide range of storage containers that prioritise safety and efficiency, Reflex Equip is your trusted supplier of industrial plastic bins Australia.